Functional Coating with Endless Possibilities

The parts are galvanized and retreated afterwards. We therefore offer passivation, chromate coating, and topcoats for different demands. The variety ranges from basic corrosion resistance with reliable blue passivation all the way to coating systems for the highest demands.

On a Chrome-III-Base and therefore in compliance with REACH, RoHS, and End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELVD):

-Blue passivation
-Thick film passivation
-Black passivation
-Yellow passivation
-Topcoats, such as different seals, post-dip solutions, and glide agents

On a Chrome-VI-Base:

-Yellow chrome coating
-Black chrome coating
-Olive chrome coating

Barrel, as well as rack plating are possible, but the maximum dimensions are 2000 x 800 x 300 mm with only very few exceptions.

We use alkaline, as well as acidic galvanizing processes.

Upon others, the application of galvanizing is used on connecting parts, in the automotive industry, or for engineering.