For the Environment’s Sake

We are very aware of our responsibilities towards the environment, which is why we do everything to contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem. As a specialized company in electroplating it is especially important to pay attention to the environment in order to burden it as little as possible.

Our wastewater is cleaned before it enters the sewerage. The liquid waste processing system is computerized and for easier operation also visualized. In addition, we analyze and carefully monitor the wastewater in consistent increments in our laboratory.

90% of our waste is recycled.

The entire exhaust air gets cleaned. In addition the air is run through a heat recovery system in order to use the regained energy to heat the production hall.

The high heat demand of our production is mostly offset with our own thermal power station, which also produces electricity as a byproduct and therefore utilizes almost 100% of the energy.

By means of modern computer technology we were able to reduce the water consumption of the electroplating machine to a bare minimum.

Furthermore we take measures to prolong the lifetime of the electrolytes, we for example regenerate passivations through ion exchangers and the pretreatment through oil separators.